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We’re a group of high-schoolers who have been successful in numerous STEM fields. We hope to share our experience in these subjects with you.

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Free Review Sessions🚀

What are our review sessions like?

Meet once a week, for an hour or two, with one of our qualified tutors to go over any questions you have on your subject. No questions? No worries. Our tutors have also prepared materials that we can work through together—solidifying your understanding in your subject!

Not sure if our sessions our right for you?

View our recorded live sessions here to get a sense of what our sessions are like. We try to keep at least half of our sessions recorded, but student privacy always comes first, so sometimes there might not be sound on some sessions—all our recordings are available on our Youtube page as well!

Everything else We Offer 📚

Educational Videos

Having trouble navigating high-school courses? Need some informative entertainment? We’ve got you covered with our Academic Guidance, Course Sampling, Course Guides, and other Fun Educational Videos.

Compiled Learning Resources

Need a good textbook that won’t hurt the wallet? Want a great cheat sheet to review important formulas? We’ve compiled it all for you so you don’t have to spend hours digging for good and affordable material!


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