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Ever wanted to know what a course covers or if you have what it takes to succeed in a course? Dream no more. Welcome to academic guidance, a selection of videos that explain the details and prerequisites for different subjects, and some learning strategies for success in those classes.

Course Sampling

Is AP Statistics Right For You?
Is AP Calculus AB or BC Right For You?
Is AP Psychology Right For You?
Is AP Chinese Right For You?
Is AP Microeconomics Right For You?
Is Data Structures Right For You?
Is Taking Computer Science Fundamentals Right For You?
Is JAVA, C++, or Python Right For You?
Is Trigonometry Right For You?

Preparation Guides

How to Get Ready for Geometry
How to Get Ready for AP Calculus
How to Get Ready for Algebra 2
AP Chinese Cultural Presentation Guide


Proof of Calculus Power Rule
October 2022 SAT Writing Walkthrough
Installing JAVA in 8 minutes

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