Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on 7/17/2022

What are Supplemental Classes?

Supplemental Classes are Classes designed to go over key concepts in a subject so that you can get ahead of your class!

Are Tutoring and Supplemental Classes Free?

Yes! All services we offer are completely free! We are a student-run non-profit after all.

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to create an inclusive platform that allows help-seeking and underprivileged students easily attain a personalized learning experience for an equal opportunity to succeed, and also lets those with a passion for learning easily share their passion with others. By Students, For Students.

Why Did we Open This Organization?

Each of us saw a need for free high-quality and relatable educational resources in our community. Tutoring in California can easily cost more than $100 an hour. That’s a price well out of reach for millions of people—including some on our team. Additionally, we noticed that existing free education resources were often not personalized and came from adults (which often times made it unrelatable). Thus, we made a vow to change that, we committed ourselves to the mission of providing free personalized educational resources—made by relatable students—for all.

What Will I Need to Attend a Session?

Working Wi-Fi, a computer, and access to Google Classroom and Google Meets.

How do we Operate?

Our Sessions are based on Google Meets, after you register on the Google Form, you will be sent a Google Classroom join code. On the Google Classroom, there is a Google Meet Link, join the Google Meet when the class starts and you’re all set!

How to Contact Us?

Our email is at: inobisacademy@gmail.com

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