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Data Structures and Algorithms is a course that delves deep into the algorithmic side of Computer Science to talk about some of the Algorithms used to make computers more efficient. We’ll also take a deep dive into Data Structures, which are structured ways of storing Data for fast, and easy retrieval. Different Data Structures are used for different purposes, and we’ll jump into how their structure shapes their efficiency and function. Finally, we’ll solve multiple complex algorithmic problems, detail methods, and tips on how to solve algorithmic problems on your own. Data Structures and Algorithms tutoring resolves into any questions or doubts you may have, and dives into guided problem solving sessions where we solve algorithmic problems together.

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Tutor Qualifications

All Data Structures and Algorithms tutors, and teachers are have received A’s in computer science, and have received national recognition, and a state championship in Computer Science. They have also programmed two mobile apps, and one website as well.


Algebra 1(Recommended, not required)


Registration Coming Soon

We are going to open up this course once we have enough resources. In the meantime, check out our other classes!

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